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General FAQ

If you’re new to Kiip, we suggest starting here for answers to common questions about how things work. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to email

Is Kiip only for games?

Absolutely not! In fact, almost any app can utilize Kiip’s platform. Aside from games, Kiip has been integrated into fitness, recipe-sharing, productivity, utility and social apps. If you think you can use Kiip in a new way, let us know!

What platforms do you support?

We have SDKs for Android, iOS and Unity, along with some wrappers and extensions. You can download them here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at and we’ll find you the right documentation or know what to add to our product pipeline!

Does it cost me money to use Kiip?

No. Our service is free for developers; in fact, we pay you! The revenue share is 50/50.

Is Kiip different from other platforms such as iAd, Admob, Pocket Change or SessionM?

We are a rewards network first and foremost. Instead of making a user watch an ad or perform a certain action to earn points or currency, we reward them serendipitously for using your app. Other platforms take users away from an app’s experience to put them in their own; we don’t. We find that it makes users happier, more likely to redeem and more engaged with your beautiful creation.

How does Kiip decide which reward to give a user?

We have an algorithm that learns what reward to give on a per-user basis. This algorithm constantly receives improvements and changes to best reward your users. These rewards are provided by our network of qualified brand partners.

What brands are you currently working with?

Our brand partners rotate frequently due to their marketing budgets or their campaign initiatives (sometimes both). In the past, we’ve had brands such as Best Buy, M&M’s, McDonald’s, Skittles, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, American Apparel, Carl’s Jr, Vitamin Water, and Popchips. Please contact us if you’d like to know our list of current partners.

Can I choose which brands offer rewards in my app?

We have an internal algorithm that will learn which brands your users prefer. We encourage you to let this algorithm determine the rewards that are delivered. If you have a good reason for blocking certain brands from appearing in your app, let us know.

For example, we wouldn’t want to reward fitness app users with cheeseburgers (unless you really want to).

Do users have to earn points to redeem for rewards?

Again, we do not use a point system. This is driven by our belief that rewards should be serendipitous. We don’t want to incentivize people to use your app for points, we want to incentivize them for actually using your app.

Will Kiip interrupt my app’s experience?

We’re conscious of the user experience and definitely do not want to interrupt them. There are natural breaks in almost every app (at the end of a level, after logging a workout, finishing a to-do list) that are wonderful times to reward a user. We’ll gladly work with you to identify the best possible time to deliver a reward.

Why do users input their emails? Do you spam them?

We NEVER spam. For most campaigns, we need an email address to send users redemption instructions for their reward. We hate spam, just like everybody else in the world!

Do users find Kiip ‘spammy? Do they delete apps due to Kiip?

We never spam and our experience is opt-in; we’re confident that users are not deleting apps because of Kiip rewards. Furthermore, we’ve conducted a study that demonstrates how user engagement increases when integrated with Kiip. We’re happy to share this with you if you’re curious, just email!

Will rewards show when users are outside of reward locations?

If a user is not eligible to receive Kiip rewards, they won’t even know that Kiip is integrated in the app they’re using. As soon as the user is in a location with eligible rewards, he or she will be able to earn them.

What happens when users are not connected to the internet?

Users have to be connected to the internet to receive Kiip rewards. If they are not, your app will function normally, while Kiip remains invisible.

What versions of iOS are compatible with Kiip?

iOS versions 6.0 and above have been functionally tested.

What versions of Android are compatible with Kiip?

Android versions 2.3.7 and above have been functionally tested.

How do I see Kiip rewards while testing?

If you add your device as a test device, you’ll see test rewards after reaching rewardable moments in your app. Set your device up as a test device by following the instructions here.

What is Swarm? How do I integrate Swarm into my game?

Swarms are multi-day competitions sponsored by big brands to promote mass-awareness within your application. Swarms mobilize and attract players to your game with big-time rewards. Most brand partners are looking for titles with large user bases. If you’re interested in running your own Swarm competitions without a brand sponsor, email

Learn more about Swarm here.

Is there standard copy to inform users about Kiip for my app description?

We encourage you to write that your app is ‘Kiip-enabled’ in your app’s description. Furthermore, to comply with Apple’s policy, we’d ask you to include the following, “Apple is not a sponsor of any promotion.” to the description.

What is Kiip’s eCPM?

This will vary depending on your app, what types of campaigns are running and how well those campaigns redeem within your app. Generally, we see developers on our network with an eCPM of $7-$50.

What revenue could I expect from Kiip vs. other platforms (like iAd).

This will vary depending on how many moments your app triggers, and how much reward inventory we have available. Our developer partners tell us we’re a great monetary solution for them. If you would like references, let us know.

Do you fill 100% of my app’s achievements with rewards?

We do not guarantee fill because we believe that curiosity is a powerful incentive. When fills are guaranteed, the user comes to expect a reward (If I do this, then I will get that). As a result, this becomes compensation-based usership. For Kiip, we believe in incentivized usership by rewarding users for their curiosity.

What is the click-through rate from notifications to full screen?

This depends on how well the app is integrated (notifications appearing in natural pauses) and how attractive a reward is to your users. You can expect click through rates between 5% to 25%

Do you have a demo?

Why yes, check it out: Reward Demo

Is there an optimal number of moments to integrate into my app?

This is completely up to you. We recommend that it be plausible for a user to reach a moment in one session. After that, the sky is the limit. Our SDK detects when too many moments are triggering and will hold back moment triggers. If you’d like us to help you brainstorm the best moments for your app, we’re more than happy to.

What kind of analytics do you provide?

Our dashboard shows many metrics dynamically, such as moments, impressions, average session time and much more. We’re constantly improving our analytics to help you optimize your app and to provide the data you want to see.

Nothing is working! How do I contact support?

We have a responsive support team that is great at pointing people in the right direction. Email them at or chat during normal business hours (9pm-6pm PST) here. Most requests will receive a response within 24 hours.